The funding process

OHCF supports projects or roles where measurable benefits to Great Ormond Street Hospital patients can be demonstrated. To obtain full details of the grants available and the application process, please send us an email.

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Our focus

OHCF focuses on the work of the departments of Oncology, Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplants at Great Ormond Street Hospital as well as funding research carried out at the neighbouring Institute of Child Health. Since 1997 we have supported a range of vital projects, often in fields that have struggled to access larger, grant-giving organisations. Typical initiatives include:

  • Novel and innovative research projects, usually to establish a basis for large scale applications for funding (‘pump priming’)
  • Projects supporting innovations in nursing, advanced training, palliative care and pain relief
  • Clinical research projects
  • Projects which support co-operation between scientific research and clinical implementation
  • Equipment closely related to the fund’s purpose
  • PhD stipends for research that is registered with the GOSH/ICH research and development department